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Things We Do

Because we do them differently


Lead Generation

We don’t generate leads. Rather we shower you with them so that you get long term business. Which is why we fancy the terms ‘Digital Rainmakers’ and not a Digital Agency. According to your needs as a business we have divided our services into modules.


Digital Transformation

We love turning brands into digital. They could be old or new. We make sure that the brand meets its right users and engages them fully. We also revitalize marketing teams, corporates and enterprises with techniques and skill that can help them meet their customers and users.



Looking for someone who can mentor the talented bunch of your institute the best techniques of digital marketing? Your search ends here. We take great pride in imparting knowledge. And this doesn’t end here. We also consult CXOs & CMOs for one to one consulting for digital training and master-classes.

What Makes the Difference

Is the way we look at things. Here is how.

Inbound Technique

What We Can’t Do Without

Are these little things that make us happy

Casual Culture

Our CEO is a fan of shorts and polka dots. So, we don’t wear things that choke our tummies or necks.

Timing. What’s That?

We never care about coming to office on time as long as you finish the work for the day. Hard to believe but true.

Respect Irrespective

Our experience tells that ideas & thoughts come from the most unexpected sources. An intern or even a peon.


We are not fans of the mail culture as much as we like to brainstorm and discuss face to face. It’s over-rated.

Our Proud Associations

We take great pride in sharing our knowledge and work with these renowned names who have put faith and belief in us

We Believe That…

Choosy Brings Quality

Yeah. We are a bit selective by nature. We are not the ones who fight every battle. Instead, we like to choose our own battles. Because we take up challenges that make us sharp and our brands even sharper. Our belief stems from the fact that quality work is delivered only when brands and business put full faith in us. Because we like getting kicked by the work we do and not by the work that gets kicked around.

Process Brings Profit

Scaling a mountain is not a cake walk. It requires the right tools, techniques and strategy to be conquered. Similarly, digital is not a work of minutes though the responses are collected in seconds. It is a process which takes its deserved time. We believe that the best brands are not those who hit the market at the right time but are the ones who undergo the right processes to reach their full potential. Process brings discipline and we swear by the same.

What They Say

Is something we always carry with us as inspiration

"Subhobroto is a teacher with an unending desire for knowledge. He likes to perpetually learn. This places him among the bests in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Proud to be associated with and sharing professional camaraderie with Subhobroto."

Anjum khan CMO - Kalimat Telecom

" I know Subhobroto personally since last 12 years. He is self made man, highly passionate about digital marketing and always want to innovate in the field. He is a good teacher and can develop young people for their digital marketing career very well. Best of luck..."

Abdhesh Singh Regional Head - Reliance Jio

"I recruited Subhobroto in my team , when I was Chief Marketing Officer @ AppsDaily , a Kalari Capital Invested Mobile Apps Retail Startup . I know Subho as a sincere employee , and has years of BTL / Retail marketing experience , and I wish him all the best for his first entrepreneurial venture"

Peshwa Acharya Chief Marketing Officer - Sterling Holiday (A FairFax & Thomas Cook Company)

"Subhobroto has been the much desired catalyst to the process of practical learning in the area of digital marketing . He vindicates my stand on koeducate the KSOM experiment of joint teaching process between academia and industry"

Anil Bajpai Director - KIIT University Bhubaneswar

"Subhobroto is one of the most energetic marketers, a passionate digital evangelist and most importantly has one of the biggest brightest smiles to take away all the stress. I have known him from his B2B marketing days and have seen his passion for training digital marketing grow with every passing day. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours as a marketer and as a man behind training so many youngsters in digital marketing"

Kaushik Chakroborty UTI Mutual Fund - Head Online Sales, Digital Marketing & Alternate Channels

"Shubhobroto is one of those few acquaintances of mine who has cutting edge brilliance, seamless communication and immense domain expertise in the areas of digital business environment. A rare blend of concept and application, Shubho, is an asset for the future platform of virtual transactions."

Anirban basu National Training Head - Nestle

"The best thing about the workshop is that it comes from a practitioner and not a theorist. That is what it sets you apart from the crowd, I was thrilled to see that the content was curated specially for the charity sector making it apt and useful with clear steps of way forward."

Kanchan Sen Director: Fundraising - India HIV/AIDS Alliance

"Subhobroto Chakroborty is a highly passionate, eternally committed and ceaselessly thinking individual. He is also a fantastic person to work with because he displays a seminal understanding of issues from varied perspectives. I was fortunate enough to work with him during his time at NCDEX, and the experience was an extremely enriching one. He is one of those rare people who connects with others above and beyond the immediacy of the task at hand."

Vinay Kanchan Author, Creative Thinking Trainer, Brand Ideation Consultant.

"Digital & Social Media are ever evolving, It is critical to share and coach basis the practical implications. That impacts the audience who is attending the master class. Subhobroto delivered the perfect combination of theory and practical implication when he took master class at SMW Mumbai"

Rohit Varma SMW India host & Founder of R SQUARE consulting

"An exceptional marketer who loves putting his learning into application. An excellent combination to have in an achiever !"

Amit Sarda CEO - SoulflowerIndia

"Acef team admires the knowledge shared and the guidance given by subho as a advisory member which has helped us to create great content for our forums that has been appreciated by the marketing and advertising fraternity"....grateful to you sir."

Angel Dsouza Project Director - Asian customer Engagment forum and awards

He has a very deep understanding of digital marketing and has a crystal clear approach. He is the one who would call a spade a spade and would never mince words. Being a photographer and a great visualiser is an icing on the cake. I wish him all the best in all his endeavour.

Ameet Kishorpuria CEO -

A genuine teacher is the best way to describe Subhobroto. I have rarely seen him lose his calm composure and constant smile. Subhobroto's greatest strength is his unique ability to listen to others and bring together diverse points of view. He has very high mentoring capabilities.

Dhunji Wadia President at Rediffusion Y&R

There are people who excel at one thing and then there is Subhobroto who excels at many. He can don the hat of a marketer, a business strategist or even a digital guru. His way of thinking sparks the whole team up and he makes work fun.

Punit Modhgil Managing Director & Co-founder of

There might be only a handful of humble and knowledgeable beings in the field of digital marketing. Subhobroto is easily one of them. His management skills and creative bent of mind yields superb solutions always.

Sanjay Tripathy Senior Executive Vice President - Head - Marketing, Analytics, Digital & E-Commerce at HDFC Life

"Subho is a very strong communications specialist and brings a vast array of practical knowledge to the table. In working with him I always observed that he draws from his extensive hands-on experience of working with top tier agencies and in the field. Subho is very gentle in his approach and always willing to go the extra mile to get the work done. He showed great maturity in managing a team of young MBA grads and mentored them with a lot of patience. I would recommend Subho to anyone and would gladly work again with him."

Anurag Batra Chairman & Editor in Chief - BW Businessworld

"There are a few people who can mesmerise with their knowledge and Subhobroto is one of them. I met him in a training on digital marketing at India HIV/AIDS Alliance. And I got shots of relevant inputs to take my work on mHealth forward. Cheers Subhobroto! "

Leena Uppal Regional Manager, MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child

"The more I say about Subho, the less it is. If someone asks me anything about digital the one person I can think of is Subhobroto Chakraborty. He is a not only a master practitioner but also an executioner."

Shalini Gupta Vice President, Marketing and Brand, Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd.

"Subho loves to enthrall his audiences by sharing real world examples laced with everyday situations and lot of wit. Digital immersion with him is a uniquely satisfying experience. "

Vatsal Asher CEO - DMAI

"You are truly Digital...and i really admire your passion for Digital and also learn lot to keep updated and trending as well...Lot to learn from you..Its knowledgeable session we had...Thanks for DENSTU AEGIS NETWORK for give us the opportunity..."

Ashok Pillai Creative Director - Posterscope (Dentsu aegis network)

"I met Subhobroto for the first time 2 years ago at a conference in India and he made me feel at home even though I was half way around the world from mine. Since then I've learned that Subhobroto wasn't just putting on an act. He is one of the most genuine, engaging, personable and friendly people I have ever met. Despite only spending less than 24 hours with him in my life, I consider him a close friend."

Tedd A. Aurelius Partner at South Franklin

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