Digital Squad!

The perfect blend of Passion, Talent and Knowledge

Data Miners

They use best of the tools available to analyze every ounce of data(website, social media, blogs, others) to provide you with the right solution. No ‘gut feelings’ to draw conclusion.

Research Warriors

They are extensive researchers who gather data & develop insights using a wide variety of methods to build personas and help perform feasibility study.

Content Wizard

They use creative and analytical skills together to create, evaluate, curate and repurpose content according to buyer’s journey & help achieve SMART goals.

Watch Dogs

They are project heads who have micro understanding & overall responsibility to manage people & project. They make blueprint & drive people & projects according to it.

Content Archers

They make sure the content is published at the right time, at the right place, for the right audience.

Inbound Tacticians

They are responsible for creating strategies & delivering high quality inbound deliverables (KPI’s, website and blog analytics, reporting) to address client’s pain areas.

Design Ninjas

They ensure that the design is user centered. They are not just designers; they also focus on trends, business requirements, and end-user expectations.

Technical Champions

They strive to create visually appealing sites with the help of coding according to a client's specifications.

Social Buzzers

They use their marketing skills to help generate brand awareness, leads & run campaigns to promote customer service through the social media networks.