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Because we don’t say YES easily.

From the looks of it we can tell you that you have slotted us as arrogant. So, many congratulations. You are right. This belief comes from the fact that nodding heads only makes one a bobber-head. It takes away the things that we need to put our focus on. One such instance being, your Customers.

Also, note that it doesn’t matter what is the nature of your customer. We take B2b, B2c, B2b2c with equal enthusiasm. But hey, hold your horses. We know what you are thinking. If your question is:

‘Will you do my Facebook posts?’

The answer is NO.

‘Will you do my campaign?’ the answers still NO!

But if you are struggling with your internal team when it comes to Digital, we will be glad to lend our service. Because we are not an agency. We are consultants who tell you which direction you can take if you are looking to crack your market. That too with Inbound Marketing (In case you don’t know what is, read our page ~ inbound).

So, will we be doing business together in the future? If you think you follow whatever we said above, then yes. Why not. If you didn’t, read the headline.

We Don’t Come Cheap

Yeah, we are like that. Like we said, we don’t take things up if we don’t see potential. But when it does, we go the whole hog. Which is why, we come at a price.

We Take Work That Makes Us Tick

The rush of adrenaline is what we look for when any one comes to us. If it doesn’t excite us, we don’t get our hands into it. We don’t do half measure work.

We Treat Every Work as If It Were Our Last

That’s not an attitude. That’s our belief. Apart from being selective, we are sincere and dedicated towards what we do. A little discipline doesn’t hurt, does it?