Meet Subhobroto,

A Successful Failure!

The digital fellow who doesn’t take shit from anybody

Subhobroto Chakroborty is the founder of a consulting firm (read School)- ‘’, where he treats all his employees as students.

Subho exactly follows whatever corporate world has taught him – ‘Nothing’. His favorite teacher is ‘Life’ & his greatest strength is the ability to accept his failures. Unlike his ex-bosses who hardly worked, he works extremely hard;because he doesn’t want to be poor- not financially, but in terms of knowledge. He is an avid learner, who believes knowledge made him a wise man. A wise man who wears colorful shorts, but don’t believe in shortcuts.

Unlike many successful entrepreneurs, he isn’t a dropout. He gives utmost importance to education & has studied in one of the top B-schools(IIM-C). He has 25 years of experience in managing more than 30+ Top National/International brands in industries like IT, Banking, Entertainment & Media, FMCG, FMCD, Mobile Apps, VAS, Fashion & Lifestyle, Telecom, e-commerce(retail), online marketplace, health & care, hospitality, manufacturing, medical tourism, etc.

Throughout his life, he’s been perennially hungry for knowledge but failed to find right sources to guide him. He doesn’t want anyone to face the same problems. Therefore, he chose to be a speaker to guide and help people upgrade and transform their lives.

(P.S- Deep down inside he’s a painter & a photographer. A painter who wants to splash different shades of color(values) on the canvas(life) to create a beautiful art. A photographer who wants to capture that beautiful art.)

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