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Digital Brand Auditing helps figure out your Digital

leakage, which is preventing lead generation

Search Engine Optimization

It helps evaluate the relevance of your website to check if it’s properly indexed and well positioned (organic search results) by the search engines

Social Media Audit

It helps in evaluation of user engagement. It also helps in figuring out which social media platform is actively used by your persona and whether the content is adding value or acting like a typical sales man

Content Audit

The audit helps determine if the digital content is curated according to buyer's journey & segregated into 3 Parts- ToFu, MoFu, BoFu of the digital content funnel.

UX/UI Audit

By identifying the touch points affecting the business, the audit helps in evaluating whether the designs have been made by UX/UI experts after following the correct design trends & principles.

Brand Monitoring

It helps understand how your brand is being perceived online. It is critical to control your brand. With the internet being a place where your identity, message, and perception can be altered by a few clicks

  • Subhobroto Chakroborty has 25+ years of experience in managing 30+ Top national/International brands. He has seen so many failures in his life that he exactly knows what works & what doesn’t.
  • The team is enthusiastic, passionate and always high on knowledge

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