720 Hours Of Knowledge Boosting


Bring value, not your CV

We work only for 5 hours a day. Only Pseudo-intellectuals work beyond that.

Every Saturday is an examination day. Unlike B-schools, we test Practical knowledge.

25% of the salary is linked with the Knowledge score.

No HR department! We empower women. They can fire any men, if treated inappropriately.

We celebrate Mondays at Juhu beach.

No daily morning meetings or CC mail culture.

2 mentors are assigned for upgrading digital knowledge. So that no one succumbs to mediocrity.

No office timing. Only Delivery matters, either from home or workplace.

We switch roles according to our areas of interest. No sticking to any department.

  • Once you join, a personal coach will be assigned to every intern so that every day you get to learn something new. 720 hours of knowledge in abundance, and opportunities to work on live projects.
  • Do you get paid by your school/college to teach you? So, No stipend for first 6 months. if you are hungry for knowledge- Apply, but if money is the factor that drives you to work- then sorry join some other company, we won’t reply.

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