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“Content is the price of entry for relevancy in our society”. Gary Vayerchuck said that and he is right whether you like it or not.

Ebooks and other content are the 2017 version of a sales man for your business. They will push forward possible clients along the sales funnel (from TOFU to BOFU)

The sole purpose of eBooks, among other content is to provide value. To provide complex and complicated information into simpler format. In the form of an infographic. This type of content makes digesting complex information much easier. And. In case you didn’t understand. It’s one of the most important tools for generating leads in inbound marketing.

Based on my experience. I have observed that nowadays half-baked CMOs and marketing heads are getting complacent. They visit various conferences and go on LinkedIn. They read books and watch videos. And everything they see, they compile and try to turn into an “original” piece of content. Suddenly everyone is making so these heads are too. It’s pied piper all over again. Jumping into something that’s popular without understanding it. This has no positive outcome.

  • Firstly, to create an eBook an enormous amount of knowledge is required. As they complex knowledge is to be converted to something that is easy to digest for all. This is impossible to do if you don’t understand the concept through and through.
  • Secondly, the sample size for any research of this importance needs a much larger sample size. Not merely 10–20.
  • Thirdly, the sample of people researched upon, have to be aware on the subject matter that is being researched. For example. When doing a research on a steel plant. One shouldn’t send a Google doc with a multiple choice questionnaire. But ask for their views on the steel industry, which isn’t their cup of tea. If the inference is misguided then that will lead to making incorrect decisions.

Moreover suppose. To understand the growth of digital marketing, if one randomly sends Google Docs to 200–300 students. Instead of digital marketers in practice. And the study ends up showing the growth to be 900%. It won’t match the real scenario. The information so sought shall be wrong and misleading. This method of carrying on research through Google Doc is incorrect.

I have witnessed a 600 Cr company CMO, sending Google docs to the employees of the same company. Asking for their inputs on a research topic. These employees had absolutely no idea about the research topic. You can infer how their answers were like. Their quality quality answers were the compiled into what I call a “fake book”. They start as an eBook and end up into somethings that tries too hard to seem relevant and contextual.

As I mentioned before, Modern marketers, just like the rats in the pied piper story are competing to make Fakebooks, and always try to sell.

Their sole objective of compiling an E-book have moved from imparting knowledge to selling and promoting their products.

eBooks should be composed for each of the stages of the buyer’s journey, starting from the Awareness Stage, then to Consideration Stage and finally Decision stage, thus pushing readers from one to the other. But none of the present day marketers follow the same and the busy making the ‘desperate eBook’.

Whereas on the other hand Hubspot, is the best example of how to compile and share eBooks in the correct manner. Their eBooks are informative and serve the sole purpose of sharing information. They never ask in their eBooks to buy their products or software, which in turn earn them respect from the readers and their followers. Thus the primary objective of an eBook shall always be of sharing knowledge and information.

P.S.  This blog is based on my own personal experiences,  it has no relation with any person or company directly and indirectly. While sharing give credits.

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