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Being in the consulting business, we often asked ourselves this; are we doing as much as we can? We ignored this question for a day or two. Then it turned into weeks. And then, well.. some months. But each time this question walked past our right brains, we were left with only one answer. No.

So, one day we decided. So what if we have to spare a few minutes of our time. So what if we won’t answer a few important calls. We will not compromise on something we hold really dear to us. Our nature to give whatever we have gained in the form of knowledge, experience, and wisdom over so many years.

We don’t want to know which nook & corner of a city, street or village you come from. Neither do we care whether you preside over a meeting with board directors and CXOs nor whether you sit across a desk in a school or a college. We treat everyone equally when it comes to giving what we are good at.

So, come. Feel free. Talk. Let us know your doubts & queries in Digital. We are here waiting for you over a cuppa coffe.