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Hi there. Are you fresh out of college? Or maybe just bored of that job you took because your parents suggested? Or maybe that job you took was not what it seemed when you applied?

Reaching out to companies and start-ups is a way out for a lot of these people. But maybe. Just maybe having a great CV and using it to leverage attention isn’t such a great idea anymore.

Most of these companies don’t even check their mail. You probably end up in the spam folder.

Let’s be honest.

A piece of paper that someone got from school/college does not predict his or hers future. It is simply a record of the past. And more often it does not show that persons intent. Nor his/hers passion. So why bother. Why waste your energy.

Internet being the great equalizer has given us a new opportunity. Direct message. The kids call it the DMs. They are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This lets anyone reach out to anyone. I could send a message to Elon Musk right now. Asking if he like pineapple on his pizza. And he would actually get it. He may even read it. Unless he blocks me 🙁 first…

So I want you all to DM all the companies and CEOs and HR guys. In companies you want work in. Or maybe just learn from these leader. Start a conversation of what you can do for them.


Do not turn into spam bots.

ctrl C + ctrl V isn’t the way to go here.

When reaching out to someone who needs nothing from you. You have to realize he or she has all the leverage. So you have to show them how you can add value to them. Not how working with them helps you.

NEWS FLASH: They don’t care!

You need to do your homework. Figure out what they need right now. How you can help them. When you have something to offer them. Then you have some chance to I don’t know; have a Frappuccino with Gary Vaynerchuk. Do not be selfish. Offer disproportionate value to them if you want their attention.

Here’s what not to do:

Screenshot, LinkedIn

This gal/guy speaks nothing of how she/he will add value and what she/he will bring to the table. It’s also a very selfish message. “It woud be a great opportunity for me to…..field”. So he lost.

Screenshot, LinkedIn

Selfish. Did not do his homework. Thus no context of where he is coming from is visible. And you do not make requests when you have no leverage. The Thedigitalfellow get shipments of new applicants and interns daily. Daily. So why should be care about you. Buddy.

Please recognise that you need attention and leverage if you want something from the other person. Create that and you are golden.

Let me blow your minds


Mail , Screenshot


This girl is on 🔥🔥🔥 when it comes to context and humor. She did her research, and even made a joke about Our CEOs Instagram posts. Adding value? That maybe a bit lacking. I guess alot of people feel entitled to things. That in their mind they are good enough. That may be true. But for the comapany to understand that. They need to care about you enough. That’s where the leverage comes in.

If you are the one asking. You do not have the leverage.

P.S.  This blog is based on my own personal experiences,  it has no relation with any person or company directly and indirectly. While sharing give credits.


So next time you hit us up. Think about what you just read. The 🔑 is to bring them value. So they care. About. You.


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