How Data-rich are you?

Business and clients come in all sizes and packages. So much so that every package has a unique taste of its own. While striking the right chord with clients can be fun and fulfilling, gauging their likes and dislikes can be equally cumbersome. But as time progressed, I as a marketer, witnessed an alarming gap in the knowledge of some of the strongest names in the market when it came to digital. Which is why I for the lack of another word am ‘venting’ this concern. So here is my question to you, are you Data Rich, Data Poor or simply Data Ignorant? No shame in admitting if you are ignorant and no brownie points for knowing that you are rich. This will simply stand as a reference point for all of us to see where we stand. So, with the categories drawn, let us try to figure out where we fit in. Shall we?

Data rich, data poor & data ignorant.

Most of clients I have been exposed to, mostly fall on the last 2 buckets!

The Data Rich Daddy:

Such clients are mostly early adaptors. They have a strong digital presence and take decisions based on the data coming from various digital sources. They like to invest time and money in digital and have the patience to grow digitally. They realize that digital as a medium is not a magic wand that will do wonders overnight. They integrate each digital channel and optimize every data point. Most of them have already moved to marketing automation by now because they know that the future is in Martech.

Their kind of questions that they are likely to put forth would be:

  • I am looking for blog writer who understands buyer persona, can you help me with this?
  • How do I crunch the buying cycle?
  • Do I need to revisit my buyer’s persona once again?
  • My head map result is showing I need more technical blog writers as content is not that sticky
  • Do I need the UX guy in my team?
  • Do you know any Mar-tech platform for customer retargeting or drip marketing?
  • Am I doing all kinds of A/b testing to get optimized results?

The Data Poor Dud:

These guys are dangerous. You need to first educate them before pitching. Most of your digital fundamentals will go over their head and chances are that you might have sleepless nights bringing them to a level of understanding.

"They take months to understand you and trust you. The Biggest danger you might encounter is that is that someday they will read something new on internet or blogs and would want you to implement it immediately on their project. Their wife, daughters & aunts will come to tell you how to run a Instagram channel’s and obviously you have to pass your copy through them! It’s a painful journey!"

Mostly such clients don’t last longer, as you spend more energy debating with them than working and finding the right balance. But all said and done, there are also wonderful clients who wants to learn and grow. They are like an empty glass. They don’t come with egos but want to gain knowledge. I have witnessed that there is no space for knowledge where there is ego. It’s still better to stick with them for some time and see if they are willing to learn along with you because such clients will be open to new ideas and experimentation.

Their set of questions to you will be:

  • Why do I need a copy person, when my wife writes good English?
  • I don’t need a UX designer my internal DPT artist can do my AP design
  • Why pay Shutterstock, we can always copy images from Google
  • Why spend on affiliate marketing, my brother in law works for a bank DSA. I can get fee email / phone data
  • I have no time for inbound I want immediate conversion / traffic
  • Don’t waste on website, as my business is depend for the 5yrs on SMS/ WhatsApp & personal contacts
  • Why waste on landing page? I had no such thing since I have started business
  • You can always cut paste from other blogs and make your own blog? Why hire people for that?

The Data Ignorant Child:

They only know that Facebook exists.

"Most of them have even forgotten their Twitter and LinkedIn password years ago. Such clients are sometime fun to handle. As they don’t give you much instructions. Treat them well. Mostly there is huge opportunity to start from scratch and there are no benchmarks. You gain trust fast and then you can make them invest more."

Their set of questions to you will be:

  • How do digital marketing works?
  • Will it help me growing?
  • Is digital cheap?
  • I am facing a marketing problem digitally, as people are not finding me, how can this help?

Note: These are completely my own personal views and have no relation with any particular brands or person

by Subhobroto Chakroborty

by Subhobroto Chakroborty

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How Data-rich are you?

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