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Consulting for CXOs

Has the digital medium gotten the better of you? After years of experience and hard work, keeping up with the changing dynamics of business and marketing may seem hard. But to tell you honestly, a person of your intelligence shouldn’t be worried about this. We customize our consulting for CXOs like you because we know that time for you is of essence. So, if you are looking for a personal one to one consulting, don’t hesitate.

  • Time – 40-100 Hours (Customized)

Mentorship for Future Leaders

We firmly believe that apart from rendering service to businesses, decision makers & corporate leaders of today, it is our duty to give knowledge & wisdom to the leaders of tomorrow. Which is why, we go back to B-schools, colleges and institutes once again to revisit the raw energy that can be converted into a volcano of talent. With our set of case studies and experiences with different clients we impart teachings which can help hone a student into a professional. So institutes, if you are listening, do let us know.

  • Intake – 100-120
  • Students Time – 20-30 Hours