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Meet The Team

Uncouth. Unconventional. There can be a list of many adjectives for us. But in reality, we are people who love solving your problems

Subhobroto Chokroborty
Chief Digital Officer

Meet Subho. Artist, Painter, Business Head and above all a Nurturer. He hates ties and belts because he feels they take fun out of the work. But that doesn’t mean he is not a practitioner of discipline. He likes his coffee with less than a spoon of sugar. That’s how strict he is.

Sagar Kulkarni
Head - Content Strategy

Sagar is an avid lover of people, cinema and culture. If he isn’t on his desk working, you will find him glued to his phone catching up with the latest Netflix series or digging his head inside a book. Having said that, Sagar is a communicator at heart.

Susanta Manna
Social Media Manager

Susanta is that person who breathes trends and current events. He can have a conversation about anything under the sun for hours and about his favourite football club FC Barcelona, for days. So a word of caution for football fans, choose your words wisely about the club he supports.

Prasad Dhamnaskar
Digital Architect

Prasad is your go to guy when it comes to generating leads, achieving digital hygiene or even measuring campaign performance. When he is not doing any of the above, he is found googling rare holidaying spots only to visit them a week later.