Digital Growth Matrix
The three secret ingredients to increase your ROI

Digital Feasibility

Is Your Brand Equipped for the Long Run?

Stop prioritizing your 'Gut Feelings'. Focus on Analyzing of Data

Digital Market Feasibility

It helps analyze opportunities, risk & contingencies by developing Persona, Mapping Customer journey (ToFu, MoFu, BoFu), perceptual mapping & GAP analysis

Technical feasibility

It helps figure out whether your idea can be converted into a product/service or not.

Financial feasibility

It helps identify if the project is financially viable. We help estimate Cost of Customer acquisition, Break-even time and anticipate ROI

Make GO/NO decision

After analyzing data, if the project satisfies long term aspirations and has growth potential, we give a β€˜go’ decision or else we suggest an alternate feasible solution

Growth Hacks

Never The Elevator, Always The Stairs

Focus on the process, not on gimmicks. Remember, there are no shortcuts

Product/ Service Understanding & Market Study

Spotting Opportunities & Trends, to evaluate if the product/service fits accordingly

Goal Setting

Goals are set as per your Digital ecosystem and Brand positioning on different digital platforms.

Digital Asset Assessment

This Assessment helps you evaluate and identify your Digital Leakages.

Persona Development

Persona is semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customer

Buyer & Content Journey Mapping

Content should be curated according to Buyer's journey. The Digital Content Funnel (ToFu, MoFu, BoFu) is a must to consider for your content.Content should be curated according to Buyer’s journey.

Digital Asset Optimization

Digital Asset must be optimized according to Buyer's journey for a better ROI for your brand.

Growth Strategy & Execution

Now, with all the contents & assets at our disposal, we can start executing our Growth Hacking Strategy. It is only at this stage that you will start seeing results that exceed your expectations

Analysis & Reporting

Finally on a regular basis, you will receive reports about your digital asset’s performance that will help you measure the ROI

Digital Audit

You Cannot Attract Customers Anymore!

Digital Brand Auditing helps figure out your Digital leakage, for better lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization

It helps evaluate the relevance of your website to check if it’s properly indexed and well positioned (organic search results) by the search engines

Social Media Audit

It helps in evaluation of user engagement, figuring out the preferred social media platform of your persona. It also helps keep track of the content perception

Content Audit

The audit helps determine if the digital content is curated according to buyer's journey & segregated into 3 Parts- ToFu, MoFu, BoFu of the digital content funnel.

UX/UI Audit

By identifying the touch points affecting the business, the audit helps in evaluating whether the designs have been made by UX/UI experts after following the correct design trends & principles.

Brand Monitoring

It helps understand how your brand is being perceived online. It is critical to control your brand. With the internet being a place where your identity, message, and perception can be altered by a few clicks