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80% Cv are fake, 75% Linkedin Profile are manipulated, 90% information are bloated to Impress

It is quite common for people to lie on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. They do this in order to make themselves seem more qualified for the job or to inflate their egos. However, what people don’t realize is that by doing this, they are only setting themselves up for disappointment. How to Spot a […]

21 Oct, 2022

1. How to Spot a Fake digital CV or fake digital LinkedIn Profile?
2. Why in recent times are digital CVs mostly fake in India?
3. Manipulation of CVs and LinkedIn Profiles in India
4. The Consequences of Bloated Information of digital marketer faced by the industry
5. The Consequences of Misinformation
6. The Consequences of Spam
7. The Consequences of Poor Quality Content
8. The Consequences of Not Staying Up-To-Date
9. The Consequences of Not Being able to Measure Results
9. The Consequences of Relying on Automation
10. The Consequences of Not Being Able to Adapt
11. The Consequences of Not Being Able to Stay Focused
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