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400% online growth for Steel Brand

17 Oct, 2022

The Situation:

  1. With 5000 employees and dealerships across India BestSteel* was one of the top Steel and TNT Bar companies.
  2. As they had offline and retail covered, their top management reached out to grow online and reach new customers.
  3. We understood the purchase of construction materials is not something people would prefer buying online and this was further reinforced by our buyer’s persona research.
  4. Thus, we recommended we use digital marketing to spread the word and increase brand awareness as well as share of voice and noise. This resulted in a 400% online growth in those KPIs as well online reputation and brand visibility.

The Story:

The organization approached us after consuming our content online, they were mesmerized by what content can do. They wanted to leverage content in their business and were looking for growth online.

Our Initial research:

As per our AAA approach we started with mapping the business and the buying cycle of their products. Then analysed the internal business functions and conducting buyer’s persona research helped us see the complete picture.

Other observations:

Due to being a long-standing organization there were no functions present for digital marketing or even technologies in place to help scale day to day operations. A long buying cycle with multiple competitors in the market and the product segment not being something people were used to buying online meant we could not boost sales directly via our digital efforts. So, we took the indirect path of content marketing to grow brand awareness and increase their share of voice and noise.

Our Work:

Our content team began reviewing user stories to start on content ideas. While our social media team started optimization of the digital assets of the organization. We would next create content for each stage of the buying cycle in multiple formats to further test and optimize our content efforts.

Solution Implementation:

Compete with a content Calendar which was divided into formats and categories with the goal to spread awareness on the brand and their products. Non branded searchable content was also added along with a influencer marketing campaign to test the waters for the market our client was in. The technologies team meanwhile optimized the SEO efforts across the client’s website and online content. Finally, a retargeting and follow-up funnel was created to try and reach the most engaged viewers of our content. With in 6-8 months of our implementation there was over 400% growth on all social media assets and instore and online inquiries raised to 500%. * We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.