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500% in brand awareness growth for a Skincare Brand

14 Sep, 2022

The Situation:

With over 800 person organization with leading skincare products and surgical treatments centers, SkinSoft* is a successful name in the skincare space. But due to a major resource drain, outdated processes and misallocation of staff were leading to a massive leakage in their bottom line. More than 80% of their resources were allocated into their customer related activities at physical locations leaving an understaffed team to raise awareness and bring in new customers. Even with such a small team only 10% were adept in digital activities leaving what little was done for customer acquisition to be futile. We were brought in to create and execute an awareness and customer acquisition plan. And redesign and upskill the existing team.

Our Approach & Recommendations:

We started with a complete grasp of the market and cross analyzed our findings with our industry report analysts. We looked at competitors and market trends to shortlist opportinities. Next, conducting buyers' personal research of existing and past customers helped us shortcoming and opportunities in the organization's processes. This gave us the roadmap to make contextual content. We organized a training workshop to bring the staff up to speed on our best practices and familiarize them with new processes and tools. We created a new organizational structure to help them absorb feedback and optimize ongoing digital marketing efforts. With this perspective we created a go to market strategy to relaunch their digital marketing efforts and optimize their ecommerce store. The features for the store were created based on the priority of items from our user stories for a better user experience. Finally SEO optimizations were enacted across all the digital assets of SkinSoft*. The social media strategy was complete with a publishing calendar preparing them with future initiatives and was broken down by format and platform to diversify spread of awareness. User generated content initiatives were introduced into this plan and we teamed up with a third party influencer marketing agency to bring popular faces along with sponsored hashtags to represet SkinSoft* and shine a bigger spotlight on them.

Solution & Implementation:

The result of implimentation: In the 3 months after the implementation of our plan, the organization saw a 150% drop in customer acquisition cost online along with a 500% rise in brand awareness both online forums and in store inquiries. They have 10 more pieces of content for each of their products with an increase in session times on their ecommerce website. *We take our client confidentiality very seriously so the names of them have been changed but the results remain the same.