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Deepening Engagement for a changing world: Growing a Popular TV Channel By 10X Within 24 Weeks online.

09 Sep, 2022


Movie100* old and long-standing TV channel popular for its regional music and timeless movies was losing its audience with the decline to cable television. The top management was very concerned and was looking for a way to connect to new consumers and viewers. Here is how we repurposed content and created a content marketing strategy to bring new life into the company.

The Challenge:

Due to being a traditional organization, there were a lack of priority on digital presence of the company and what ever existed there was a mismatch of resources. The programming of shows was based around what had always worked and could not keep up with the times. New rights and licences for popular movies and shows were not looked at due to their upfront investment.

Our research & observations:

We conducted an audit to access the functions of the organization and identify any digital leakages. The perception was digital or social presence was a cost and not an investment. Older content was programmed for their channel who’s target audience was not matching with the growing youth of India. Inactive social media channels and lack of any up-and-coming content were big concerns.

Solution & Implementation:

We worked with the organization to hire and train a new digital marketing team, brought life to the digital assets and created a content marketing plan with a content calendar to increase reach and engagement online. We helped establish a new team whose core function was to analyse and pick up new content for the channel to include into their programming. Next the organization Youtube Channel was revitalized and any content they owned rights to was also published on Youtube and other long form video platforms. This would also open a new revenue stream via first party advertising on these platforms. We executed this in 200 days and gave the organization a 8x growth in revenue and a 500% rise on their online reach and engagement. * We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.