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From Brick and Mortar To Digital – How IndianTraditionals* hit 10x in sales online

08 Sep, 2022


One of the last surviving companies making clothing the traditional Indian was starting to notice a drop in sales each year. They were an organization both helping artisans who use their ancient craft to make amazing quality of clothing as well as helping sell these items via their sales channels.

The Challenge:

Growing the brand, spreading awareness, and entering new markets so more people could enjoy this part of our country’s history.

Our research & observations:

After conducting primary research in the market to understand the brands visibility and current trends in market we identified the following: The localization of retail and limited stores keeping product was causing the organization work hidden from potential customers. There was a massive demand for these kinds of traditional and hand-crafted clothing in the internal market and competitors were charging heavy prices for the same. We observed the traditional process of the making clothing was unknown to most people and thus they were unable to charge prices to increase their profits and keep the organization profitable.

Solution & Implementation:

We started with the research of buyer’s personas then used that to prioritize features for the ecommerce website and app. working with a third-party expert in UX/UI we created their new iOS and Android app as well as worked with the organization to create a distribution and supply chain to sell these items online. As well as introduce and train their employees with state-of-the-art inventory management software. A new team was created and trained to handle feedback and offer customer support. We created a 2-year implementation plan to move their entire store front online from brick and mortar. To aid this we also created a content marketing plan around education of the traditional techniques of these artisans. Increasing awareness about how difficult and complex the hand made method of producing these clothing helped explain its value and thus charge higher prices without friction. Next was creating and implementing a social media marketing strategy. We created multiple ads in all formats to start conducting testing and optimization of the targeting. Our international outreach program was targeted at Indians living abroad or foreigners interested in Indian culture. These were potential customers with a larger spending power than our customers inside India. With regional pricing we were able to increase the profits of IndianTraditionals* due to bringing in foreign currency. Finally we created a remarketing funnel to target website and app visitors who showed interest and were in market but didn’t complete their purchase. We ensured the festivals were a focus during our marketing as during our research we noticed the trend of higher sales in interesting in traditional clothing during certain festivities. In 1 Year the entire organization not only selling their products offline in stores but on their app as well as poplar ecommerce websites. Their online reach increased over 400% with 8x sales and taking brand awareness from 0 to the point 1 in 3 people who followed popular fashion pages were aware of IndianTraditionals*. * We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.