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Helping movie theatre recognize Audiences in a Changing Digital Landscape

09 Sep, 2022


Being one of the top movie theatre groups in India, MovieMAX* was a household name. They came to use to explore new ways to expand their revenue streams. They wanted to leverage social media and get an edge over their competitors. Here is how we helped MovieMAX* audit their organization and create a new revenue stream with no extra cost on their end.

The Challenge:

Auditing the market and its competitors and helping to create new a revenue stream online without a lot of cost or resources.

Our research & observations:

After conducting our audits of both the organizations functions and their revenue streams, we identified the primary revenue streams which included movie distribution, Food and beverage sales, Convenience fees for online ticket purchases and Advertising. There were not much social media activities other than running ads as a part of advertising for new releases. Second observation included the lack of inhouse brands thus most of the F&B sales were 3rd party leaving a small profit share for MovieMAX*.

Solution & Implementation:

First using the Youtube account used by the organization to promote movies via ads to establish a Youtube Channel. This would ensure they can publish content they hold rights too like trailers. The popularity of upcoming movies would drive views and allow the account to be in the Youtube partner program and enable monetization from ads as well as Youtube premium accounts. This was existing content that was underutilized. Second would be a content marketing plan for their other social media accounts with a focus on Instagram. Driving popularities on these platforms would enable sponsorship opportunities and digital collaborations on these accounts brining in further revenue. Finally, we advised on an inhouse brand that would sell in the theatres with an expansion plan to local stores and ecommerce stores. * We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.