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How Electric Vehicles Reached The Indian Market And Can Drive It Further: Helping one of the largest car manufactures clear the way for EVs in India.

09 Sep, 2022


Best Motors was one the most trusted names when it comes to cars, and they are also innovators as they were looking into moving into the EV space. They wanted us to help audit their digital assets and ensure they are ready for new horizons on the road as well as online.

Our research & observations:

After reviewing the market knowledge and goals of the organization we observed that the market needed a lot of education. There was a lack of an authority on EVs in India. We advised to first create multiple buyers’ personas and map potential buyers pain areas and goals that our products would solve. Then creating contextual content to provide value and educate them on the running and maintenance of EVs in India as this was a brand-new concept. A content marketing plan with brand acceleration via delivering value was advised. Creating content for each stage of the buyer’s journey and proving all the information to move the leads down the cycle was our focus. We needed to help consumers understand EVs as the brand and their name was already massively trusted. Thus, non-branded searchable content was added as a part of the plan. Finally, a Content publishing calendar paced with the organization efforts to bring EVs on the road was created. A retargeting and follow-up funnel was suggested to try convert all the people we reached, Finally, a brand new website was created and optimized for searchability * We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real.