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Backlinks are the best way to improve your website authority. But its easier said than done. What is the best and the simplest way to gain backlinks?

Building relation with relevant and higher authority domains.

1. You can write your content and optimize it to be the best knowledge driven content. You can use tools such as UberSuggest to learn which webpages have written the best of content on the topic that you want to write and try and write better, structured with good tags and updated content. Now you need to build backlink. To get backlink, check other webpages who are ranking and check who all are providing backlinks on those websites. And then find concerned person's contact details to ask them to check your content and add backlink to you too.
Try to get backlink from websites that have higher domain authority than you. It works.

2. Backlinks can be achieved by helping the identified target domains getting their broken. Write content for someone who has broken link. Check what that page previously contained on ( Create a better content and share it with the concerned person of the website whose link is broken. Help with the content you have written for their page.
Build relation and you can generate backlinks too.

3. Guest blogging is yet another great way to create your autheticity. Build relationship and get backlinked.

In short building relation to build backlinks!! But try building this relation with higher authority domains.


Another ways is to get backlinks from institutions from Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Government body, NGO to increase your domain authority.

At the end relation works here too. If you/your organization does something in the above four fields and if these institutions write something on the said event and mentions you/your organizations providing backlink on their webpage. You should be excited.

Nice one @ravi