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Do You Have the Right Digital Partner?

We can’t help you. You are not digitally ready yet. Why Digital Marketing Is Not For You You do not even have a digital team for digital marketing! And you expect digital results!

02 Jul, 2021

Wonder why you haven’t found a reliable digital partner yet? You are not digitally ready yet.

You believe in investing in machinery and physical infrastructure for your offerings but have no penny to spare for your digital infrastructure or for building a digital team. And you expect digital results!

Our observations are based on the substantial clientele we have handled from various industries and the digital pain areas we have solved for each business. (Take a look at the two figures to understand the breadth and depth of our work.)

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We have thus been able to filter the kind of leaders and CXOs who are serious about their organisation’s digital transformation and are committed to investing in the right digital marketing resources. The others are non-digital CXOs who do not even have the right questions to ask us!

We try our best to avoid onboarding businesses who do not respect the basic requirements for digital transformation. We saw a sales person is heading digital marketing and there is no dedicated marketing head.

Even if we work with you, you wouldn’t have the right human resources with their digital KRAs to understand the value we bring to your digital transformation. A dedicated marketing team (consisting of a marketing qualified team) suggests the marketing mindset of an organisation.

We’ll work with you if you qualify as per the following criteria:- 

  1. Growth or digital  mindset or acceptance of digital transformation 
  2. Shedding of digital denial attitude
  3. Willingness to truly understand business transformation 
  4. Patience to invest in brand discovery
  5. Willingness to invest in the right measures of digital marketing

If you wish to invest in better digital marketing and have the resources and patience for it, talk to us.

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