Birth of thedigitalfellow: From April Fool's Day Inspiration

How April fool’s Day Gave Birth To thedigitalfellow

29 Oct, 2022

This company was launched on the 1st of April.

Just like we celebrate the day with practical jokes, that’s how I formed this company.

I was frustrated, felt cheated, and taken for granted in the jobs I had been doing. That’s how it felt while working with my bosses.

I felt they were playing a practical joke on me by running the company the way they were running, and the way they were treating me.

The insults and humiliation were brutal.

It’s this frustration that made me create TheDigitalFellow.

So now with Thedigitalfellow in full swing, I will celebrate this day for the rest of my life as the day I proved all those bosses wrong.

So I laugh now as my company is the greatest practical joke those people will ever see.

The company is rude and rejects clients but is still bombarded with new qualified leads every day.

The company that is running thanks to the culture of its employees and not sales targets.

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