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Case Study

Furniture Brand

At a Glance:

    • With over 200 stores across India, the FurnitureOne* was a successful brick and mortar furniture store in India. But during the pandemic their stores had to shut down due to lockdowns and their customers changed how they shop for furniture.
    • We helped Create online channels and engaging with Content marketing with the support of user stories created interest and trust towards the brand.
    • Finally using data from existing customers and creating a new digital marketing strategy and online sales funnels leading to record high sales online and even surpassed the existing offline sales.
    • Working together we helped mover their brick-and-mortar offline sales and grew it by over a 1000% online instilling faith about digital being the future into this traditional business. This system had an expected growth of 10-12 Cores a year in just online sales.
Background: The organization approached us after consuming our content over a year with the issue at hand being lower in store sales and a stagnation of the brand.

They were in hopes of starting their company on a growth path. They were also struggling with a more contemporary and traditional design their products were known from due to the changing tastes of the young consumers today.

TDF Research

  1. People/Culture: A focus on being as profitable as possible let to hiring lower skilled and experiences staff who lacked what was needed to grow or even sustain sales.
  2. Technology Roadblocks: Ignorance towards online sales and unexplored reach of social media. Along with no existing systems in place for cataloguing and tracking sales across channels.
  3. Process Roadblocks: There were no formal processes in place to guide the team in times of need or to speed up onboarding of new hires.
There were no efforts towards understanding their customers and creating any content other than sales promotions.
Other observations:There was unclear hierarchy at the manager levels with everyone playing the boss when they can cause employees and staff to work on multiple angles to tackle the same issues.

Our Work: Using our AAA Approach, we evaluated the organization and audited their people and resources in places. Our team began with auditing the internal functions of the organization followed by buyer’s persona research. We then presented the management team with a reality check as well as the macro vision that focusing on online efforts would do for their business. Next, we would create and optimize every digital channel that was relevant from the user’s perspective and created testing loops and retargeting of both contextual content as well as targeted ads. This helped us fine tune and hone into actionable and measurable results for the organization to follow. The initial results were encouraging enough for the management to let us dive deeper into using digital platforms as a primary sales channel.

  Solution Implementation: The existing divisions were reluctant to embrace these new processes and systems in place thus driving it home with the top leadership was crucial for these systems to be successful with the entire organization. Thus, we helped create a new operational structure to work with our performance marketing team and support them with the information and feedback needed for successful digital marketing campaigns. Created a go to market plan for their ecommerce ventures. We enhanced their existing digital assets and gave it an ecommerce makeover with features which were prioritized from our user stories and buyer’s persona research early on. Creating and implementing multiple sales funnels and retargeting system to ensure they could reach more potential customers.
*We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've changed their names, the results are real. 

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