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Linktree: Amazing insights of this marketing game-changer

17 Oct, 2022

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Are you a creator, entrepreneur, or brand custodian trying to make it big online? If you are, you must have felt the pain to gather all your followers across different platforms in one go. Thankfully, there are some great applications out there that bring all your work under one platform so that your readers don’t have to search for multiple platforms elsewhere. Linktree is an app trending on top among all such options and The Digital Fellow has had a pleasing experience with it. Let’s get into the specifics of this tool.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a free tool for optimizing your social media traffic and club links to multiple platforms under one umbrella link. With this bio link, bloggers, artists, entrepreneurs or anyone can house all the content they’re driving followers to. This will let their content live longer than the feed.

Why is Linktree important?

Comparison of with and without linktree for TheDigitalFellow Instagram Account
The app allows one to add numerous links/call-to-action buttons.
One can direct traffic to specific blog articles, product pages, or other target pages on their website and add as many links as one wants to.

Now, let’s look at the industries that have tapped into Linktree to consolidate their marketing campaigns under one wholesome link:

01. The music industry:

Various artists have used Linktree to sell their concert tickets, merchandise, albums, and whatnot. Linktree has been getting a lot of recognition from A-list West Coast artists such as Alicia Keys and even the team of the late hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur.

02. Fine dining:

This tool is very popular among chefs because their unique recipes have a strong demand online and thus, a very long life span as compared to any other type of content shared on social media. This prompts them to club all recipe-specific content and expose their followers to all the content they can consume anywhere they want to, on one window.

Australian chef Donna Hay gets her recipes published in her magazine. But Linktree helps her club all her posts from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The publication house also hints at different social media platforms with social icons with the Linktree Pro service.

03. Tourism industry:

Even the government of Queensland uses a spectacular tourism-building strategy by listing 7 activities one can have fun with in their country, by using Linktree.

How TDF used Linktree?

How to createLinktree Asset

Since the initial stage, TDF has been using Linktree to compress its varied social media channels under one umbrella link. Promotion and content life span has been better since TDF started following the steps below:

  1. Type Linktree on your browser and press ‘Enter’
  2. Select Sign up for free
  3. You can Sign up with Instagram or with Linktree (If you sign up with Instagram, authorize Linktree to use notifications on the platform.)
  4. Fill up the basic information to proceed
  5. Choose between free and paid platforms to start
  6. Add links of different platforms one after the other to create one Linktree link
  7. Test the Linktree link and then copy the link
  8. Update and save the link on your profile
  9. It’s done! Now anyone clicking the bio link will see the list of links to your best social media posts.

How has Linktree benefited TDF?

  • Before using Linktree, our Instagram bio link directed our followers to our website only. Now it exposes them to our YouTube, Facebook, Slideshare, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts as well.
  • Our followers can now consume our content on the platform of their choice with a single click, instead of having to find us through the website.
  • The Linktree link also shows a lot more social proof than just a website and thus evokes interest among our followers to find out more about us.
Linktree best practices

(Image from https://blog.linktr.ee/best-practice-linktree-for-music)

  • Linktree advises 3–7 links under one bio link for optimum customer engagement. This is because too many links may confuse the target audience.
  • The links are centralized for viewing. So, the best way to grab some eyeballs is by using background images that fill in the spaces around the links with stunning and brand-specific visuals.

Linktree alternatives:

Here are the other options for your various marketing needs:

  • FM: Here, bios work like blocks and one can rearrange these blocks to improve the profile.
  • LinkinBio: Another Instagram-friendly portal, one can also schedule linked posts in the future.
  • ContactInBio: This leverages different forms of messenger apps for easy communication
  • TapBio: This platform focuses only on Instagram marketing
  • LnkBio: This works almost similarly to Linktree

You might be thanking yourself for stumbling upon such tools that save so much of your work and give so much more to your audience, all under one bio link. Time for you to test each one of them and decide for yourselves!