Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Ball Point Pen Day

Ball Point Pen Day - 10th June

Today is the Ball point pen Day 🖊 - a day to commemorate the invention of a design classic. A cleaner, easier alternative to the fountain pens.

The ballpoint pen revolutionised the very idea of a writing instrument. It still remains a reliable go-to resource to record ideas-on-the-go. It made writing easily available to all, not to forget that it is affordable too.

It is even more important to remember this day in our times because the ballpoint pen is the immediate precursor to the digital world.

And that’s because the Internet, and consequently, the Digital World, is an invention a lot like the ballpoint pen. What you write is here forever.

Both the ballpoint pen and the Internet belie the famous image of “footprints on the sands of time”. The digital footprints and the indelible marks by the ballpoint pen are here to create new images and the new poetry of what it means to be permanent. The future is history today. Thanks to these inventions.

Long live writing! Love live creativity!🤘🏻

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