CASE STUDY: A private sector Bank audit study for Digital & Brand Transformation

Digital audit


A major Indian private sector bank which aimed at expanding across the country and targets a new set of audience for sustainability also looking for guidance for their Digital Transformation.

About the client:

A major private sector bank in India, with more than 1000+ branches across the nation. 

Brief/Initial Discussions:

The client wanted to expand its branches across the nation. Simultaneously, to achieve sustainability, the client had to target a new set of audience. But before starting the client wanted to evaluate their own brand so that they can transform their brand if required.


For the initial period, we went to client’s location to interview the key stakeholders to map their expectations of the brand. Meanwhile, we started interviewing their existing set of customers to understand their digital usage and perception about the brand. Lastly, we also evaluated all of their internal & external communication materials, including their corporate communications, across all platforms (digital & non-digital).


Based on our study/observations, our recommendation was in two folds, first, the brand was recommended to restructure its marketing department. Alternatively, the key-stakeholders were asked to train the existing team so that they become more aware of the domains they were working on, and the vertical/business heads become experts in the domain they are responsible for.

Secondly, we asked them to keep their brand communication consistent, applicable for both internal & external(in terms of design & tonality), thus recommending them to create a brand manual & set the guidelines accordingly.

Additionally, we also gave a recommendation on how they can optimize their digital assets, before considering expansion to its new target audience.