Case study: A Study regarding the Implementation of Gamification for a Gigantic Company

Thedigitalfellow : Gamification Case Study


A renowned company in the corporate sector sought to digitize their method of getting user engagement and passing on information about their products to their employees scattered across the country.


The client approached us to find a way to educate their employees through digital medium. Their employees were scattered across the country. The client wanted to find a cost effective way to reward their best performers to keep them engaged.


One of the million-dollar companies sought our help to sort out the issues they were facing while to curating content for engaging their employees across the country. Another problem they faced was that their employees were not well-informed their products and offers. The client’s traditional outlook to control business was harming the brand’s revenue and leading to an increase in liabilities.


We recommended that they implement gamification method into their process to keep up their employees engaged. With the right application of gamification, a brand can produce tangible profits. This method is used world-wide to cut down on investment in cost, time and man-power and to enhance user/worker engagement.


The implementation of gamification saw a drastic rise in the user engagement graph. It had replaced the extravagant award functions and was a cost-effective way of solving all the problems faced by the client.