Case Study: Integrated AI Marketing for a Boutique Travel Company to Save Cost and Time

Thedigitalfellow - Artificial Intelligence Case Study


A boutique travel experience company was spending a heavy amount on the marketing of their products/services, and lead generation, and was, thus, searching for some solutions that would be both time- and cost-effective at the same time.


The company is in the business of providing unique travel experiences to its customers. The company has multiple touch points where the customer can interact with them about the various travel packages offered by them.


The pain area for the company was that they faced a large cost for marketing products and generating leads. The conversion of leads to the customer involved a lot of time and money wastage as the company aimed at offering the perfect travel plan to each customer. They needed something which would be both cost and time effective.


We recommended that they develop a chatbot with machine learning technology to render the right travel solution to the customers. The chatbot would use previous data and generate insights to build a recommendation engine which would customize the product according to the customer’s needs.

The machine learning/AI models use data about a customer’s demographics, age, location, and past interactions to create a real-time model thereby giving customized Travel Solutions to the customer.


The chatbot helped them increase their conversion by almost 20%.


The chatbot helped them increase their conversion by almost 20%.