Case Study: Integrated Mobility Solution is given to an FMCG brand



One of the largest FMCG brands established in the 1800s, offering a plethora of products and services faced the problem of effective communication about their offerings under one single umbrella to address the different market segments.

About the client:

Established in the 1800s, the group has its roots in India before Independence. Today they patronage billions of consumers globally across various industries. The client has multiple organizations with different product market offerings addressing different segments of the market.


Across the plethora of products that all organization offered, there was a perceived need of communicating the products to the consumers under a single umbrella. And thus the idea of developing a common business communication platform for Mobile Phones to sharpen the group’s communication across all brands.


The solution was a single Integrated Mobile Platform using USSD, accessible by all the brands under the group. This was a browser-based communication platform on the normal signalling layer, i.e., it would be used for promotions on both feature &smart phones with 100% coverage. Since it was integrated across all brands (under the group umbrella), each brand was able to promote multiple offers under their respective offering independently.

This not only enabled a higher brand (group) recall but as it was all on a common platform the overall reach and budget were highly optimized.