Case Study: The Digital Transformation study of a Traditional Business



One of the big 4 agencies who realized 3 years ago that they needed to upgrade their internal team with digital knowledge, because of the change in the client’s preferences.

About the client:

One of the largest traditional agencies who approached us for a digital business transformation because they faced issues while meeting digital demands of clients.

Pain area:

The internal team was outdated with their traditional knowledge and methods which were not enough to cool down issues that were digital.  To increase existing business portfolio, the company felt the urge for domain experts. If they wouldn’t bring then they would be on the verge of losing out business to their competitors. So they sought to upgrade their internal team with digital knowledge and make them self-sufficient. Even the top management personnel needed to upgrade their knowledge about digital in order to be able to transform the whole business.


We recommended a 3 months training period with the internal team and include how to execute in the learning process as well. We hand held their team to learn and upgrade to the different areas of digital and taught them the terms and words. We taught the team of about 120 candidates from the basic of digital marketing and took exams to certify their expert level.


With the successful completion of the training period the team was awarded certificates confirming their upgradation to digital. They were made self-sufficient and the whole of the business went through the Digital transformation and learnt how to effectively take out the juice out of traditional mediums.