Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Chess Day

Chess Day - 20th July

♟♟♟Chess, a game of strategy and wits, inspires digital space in a big way. Just as you have to be very careful before making any move in chess, you also have to have a very clear strategy for each social media platform before posting any content.

No two platforms should be treated equally. All should be approached on their own. Let's say the purpose of Facebook is to connect. So create/curate emotion-driven content for your Facebook posts. Or use Twitter to monitor what the world is doing.

Moreover, it's not necessary to mark your presence everywhere. Create and publish content specific to your target audience and post strategically on respective platforms.

Read to learn to align your content with the platform you choose.

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Make your move thoughtfully because "A vision without a strategy is an illusion." - LeeBolman

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