Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Clean Your Floors Day

Clean Your Floors Day - 3rd August

Keeping your surroundings clean 🧹 is the best way to stay healthy: physically 💪🏻 & mentally . Utilize this weekend to make your surroundings clean & pure.

Also remember to keep your online accessibilities clean & sorted: all this is just a single click away 🤳🏼.

One way to clean up is to check your privacy settings. Your digital footprint gives #brands the power to access all your data. But is your data safe? To keep it safe & secure, the EU has passed GDPR rules for how companies should manage and share personal data.

That was the big picture. Other, minor ways to keep your smart devices clean & efficient are:
👉 Unsubscribe to emails & messages which you don't want any longer
👉 Look at the analytics of your screen time and see which apps you use the most. Get rid of the ones you don’t.

Keep your floor & phone clean. And brain decluttered.

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