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Artists Day

We have all been there – wanting to become a rockstar 👩🏻‍🎤, musician 🎻, painting artist 👨‍🎨 because, well, everything else seemed too dry.

Some of us manage to pursue art as a hobby alongside our day jobs. Some of us, the ones who can afford it, go out to buy masterpieces that cost billions. And then there are artists like Banksy (actually there’s only Banksy) who shred their own painting, make a statement & double their price at the same time! 📹 Watch:

If #InternationalArtistsDay rekindles the urge to familiarize yourself with artists once again, here are 19 Artists You Need to Know in 2020:

Read also about what art means in the digital age:

✔ What brings value to digital art:

✔ Will Pixels Replace Paint?

✔ Copyright for Your Art on Website & Social Media:

Finally, who said art has got nothing to do with business? Check out how we are using art to create educational content for our audience:

Tell us about how else you’ve seen art marry commerce. If you know an artist you could use some consulting for personal branding, you’d celebrate the day by forwarding this post to him/her.

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