Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Emoji Day

Emoji Day - 17th July

Emojis 🤭have revolutionized the way we used to communicate with people over the Internet. In a world full of text-based communication, emojis add personality to a text and generate a sense of empathy among users.

We all have found ourselves in situations where emojis have helped us provide responses more apt than text. Emojis convey what words can’t. Read about how the world of emoji has changed over the years -

Do you know, “tears of joy” 😂 and “blowing a kiss” 😘 emoji faces are the top two used in smartphone conversations in 2019?
Other emojis on the top 10 list for WhatsApp are:
1. Smiling face with heart eyes 😍
2. Kiss mark 💋
3. OK hand 👌🏼
4. Loudly crying face 😭
5. Beaming face with smiling eyes 😁
6. Thumbs-up 👍🏼
7. Folded hands 🙏🏽
8. Smiling face with sunglasses 😎

📌 Which is YOUR FAVOURITE emoji? Tell us in comments below.👇🏻👇🏻👇

🔗 Here is an interesting website that tracks real-time emoji use on Twitter-

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