Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Fried Chicken Day

Fried Chicken Day - 6th July

Gone are the days when companies had an upper hand in controlling their own image and communication.

The Internet 🌐 has now put the customers in the driving seat.

@garyvee says, "Social media exposed us."

Today, you can't fool around your customers selling them whatever you want. If you’re trying that, make no mistake: your customers have the power to take your brand down using social media.

A recent @hubspot study says that 42% of Companies Don’t Listen to their Customers. Astonishing 😳 ! -->

Companies of the world, BEWARE! Any negative reviews and comments on the social media are going to give you a hard time.

Another hubspot study shows that 2019 is the year of "Reviews & Social Proofs' 👂when it comes to people researching something online.

The better your customer feedback, the more you grow.

So start caring for your customers or you take the knife!

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