Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Happiness Happens Day

Happiness Happens Day - 8th August

Happiness 😃 has become quantifiable in the space of social media. Views. Likes. Shares. Comments. As simple as it can get. To say nothing about the thrill as the number keeps going up.

📌 All our content is optimized for spreading this happiness. Like today’s day. Literally! About happiness!

Brands seek to establish themselves online in order to find their audiences and connect better with them. That connect can only happen if your content makes them happy 😇! If they’re happy, they spread the word about you and make you and your brand happier! 📈

Higher engagement truly gives you a sense of satisfaction but think about getting that 'blue check (account verified mark)'  on your social media platform. It tells potential followers that you’re recognized as being influential in your field.

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