Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Happy Guru Purnima

Happy Guru Purnima - 16th July

This guru poornima I pay homage to my teachers, who hold a special place in my life. They always held my back and acted as torchbearers to a better future.

1. Dipankar Dasgupta – Patience

2. Abdhesh Singh – who taught me how to keep calm even under pressure.

3. Anjum Khan– taught me how to think deeply.

4. Peshwa Acharya – taught me how to get a job done, manage things with micro yet macro level .

5. I also learned from people I saw failing. They showed me which routes lead to disaster.

6. Brahma Kumari – taught me how to accept who you are at your worst time.

7. Sadhguru– changed and enhanced the way I think.

8. Simmon Sinek & Gary Vaynerchuk– eternal gratitude for what we are today.

9. Dharmesh Shah, whose book inbound marketing proved to be a game changer in my life, I could build my company with zero sales team only after reading his book

10. Ramanand sir - taught me painting with mind first and with brush later...

11. Jack ma and Robin Sharma

12. My inner self. There have been situations in life where I failed and I learned from my own failures to become a better person.

13. My eyes and ears – teach me daily.

14. And my Godfather (Kittu Kaku), who changed the fundamentals of life in my 20s & made me a better person.

15. Books/ blogs / LinkedIn / Instagram / and all social media.