Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Homeless Animals Day

Homeless Animals Day - 17th August

International HomelessAnimalsDay 🐈🐕, marks an occasion for animal lovers & animal rights organisations from all over the world to become the voice 😇 of these homeless animals.

Ah, the idea of home. To the thinking humans, it has several other associations. Not just physical shelter. In the digital space, home means:

1. Being constantly on the move and putting up in oyorooms & airbnb: 
2. Making staying spaces as minimalistic as possible @urbanpod_india:
3. Reshaping hospitality:

But home also means:
1. Having your own space like the old social networking site Myspace
2. Seeing it morph into your own “wall” on Facebook that your friends could write on
3. Designing beautiful websites & home pages:
4. Bringing IoT to bear on the idea of home:
5. Having a home for all the data you own:

Think about where & how you live in the digital space. What do you call “home”?