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Sketch of Jeff Bullass by thedigitalfellow

Pay A Compliment Day

Today, virtual interactions outrun face to face meetings & we seem to have lost the art of paying compliments.

Should you start with talking about the appearance or looks of the person? Should you talk about the way s/he handled her part in a project?

Most of such interactions sound very shallow anyway.

Can’t find something sensible to say? Or wondering how not to be awkward? Start here:

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This is the caricature of Jeff-Bullas curated by thedigitalfellow

If you want to master #contentmarketing, you must know about Jeff Bullas. The writer 🖋 of ‘Blogging The Smart Way’, Bullas is a world-renown social media #influencer.

Amazed by how Facebook and Twitter 📲 were fast catching the attention of people in 2008, Bullas started writing about the burgeoning business opportunities through social media.

Today, this digital 📲 #entrepreneur, digital strategist, keynote speaker and marketing blogger develops data ripples and influences top-notch companies on how to transform businesses digitally.

Bullas focuses on extracting the utilities of #socialmedia for business today, rather than discussing what various platforms appear to be.

He covers a wide range of topics from entrepreneurship, social media, digital marketing 💻, content marketing and automation. His blogs receive more than 5 million visits per month.

Due to his contribution to the digital marketing world, Forbes has included him on the list of “Top 20 Influencers of CMO’s – 2017". 🏆 He ranked #1 as Content Marketing Influencer (Globally) in 2014, became the world’s #1 business blogger the next year and the world’s top content marketing influencer in 2018 respectively.

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