Thedigitalfellow is celebrating International Panic Day

International Panic Day - 18th June

Do you feel work pressure is one of the major reasons that make you panic 😧?
Yes, that’s definitely a reason. But there are more.

You generally face these situations because you try to take shortcuts, or because you are in search of instant gratification. Obviously, the state of such gratification doesn't last long, and then you start to panic.

Let's say, you want to promote your business digitally. Instead of gaining knowledge about how to do it, you directly jump into campaigns, creating promotional content to generate instant leads. And not just instant leads, but quality leads!

And when this doesn't happen, you start panicking pointing out faults in everything that happens to you. And yes, bad things attract more negativity.

So what's the solution?🤔

Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, building a brand digitally takes time. It takes a lot of knowledge 📖and strategy.

In other words, it’s not work overload that makes people panic. It’s under-preparedness.

Here are a few links which will empower you to grow your business digitally:



Just take a deep breath, relax, exercise daily 💪and start afresh to excel in whatever you do. 😌Prepare more. Panic less.