Thedigitalfellow is celebrating International Plastic bag free day

International Plastic Free Day - 3rd July

International Plastic Free Day 🚫🛍 Plastic bags are easily available and are convenient to use, so we tend to use them frequently without thinking about how they harm the environment. A plastic bag may take 500+ years to decompose 😱, to say nothing about how it kills many animals in the process by choking them!

The same applies to today's digital 📲 world too. It’s convenient to pay for the first couple thousand followers on Instagram. But this easy-to-use method or Instant gratifcation is just temporary and in the long term, only kills  the brand you built with such dedication and love . How?

The Instagram algorithm is associated with the level of engagement, not with the number of followers. 🙄 These are plastic followers, artificial. Not really.

Fake followers won’t interact with your brand’s social media posts. Lower engagement means lower rankings in the news feeds, and lower conversions for your brand. In short, early death for your brand. So, buying fake followers is not a solution for the good health of your brand.

👉🏻 Instead, invest time, energy, and money on building genuine relationships with a real audience and have a prosperous future. 😍

Let’s pledge to make our platform free of anything plastic!

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