Thedigitalfellow is celebrating International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day - 21th June

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that brings mind and body in harmony using breathing techniques, exercise 🙆‍♂ and meditation 🧘‍♀.

We all know that exercising daily is good for our health but we foolishly try to hide behind excuses of lack of work-life balance.

Stop smirking! And read on.

Yes, let this profoundly, narcissistically, hopelessly pot-bellied Bengali babu preach to you! Yoga is the best solution for all our physical, emotional, intellectual, gastrointestinal, colossal problems in life.

Just a 15 min daily session at your home itself is all you need for a healthy life. No! I don’t mean contemplating about yoga for 15 min a day! I mean actually doing the asana and pranayama thingies!

There you go laughing again! Come on! Cut this poor (and wise) chap some slack and let me say more!

If not me, believe @healthline at least! They say that yoga:
1. Increases flexibility, strength 💪🏻and balance
2. Reduces stress
3. Provides relief from anxiety and even chronic pains migraines
4. Promotes quality sleep 💤
5. Helps fight depression
7. Gives us healthy hearts
8. Helps improve breathing (especially important for those suffering from Asthma, heart problems, etc.)
9. Promotes healthy eating habits 🥗
10. Reduces inflammation
11. Improves the QUALITY OF LIFE 🥰

Ok! After benefit 11, I became hypertensive looking at the number of problems we’re capable of donating to ourselves.

But you might be a little more enthusiastic about finding out how much we can mess our bodies and minds up. So:
👉 To explore health benefits of Yoga for in-depth, visit:

Let’s do more yoga. Not just talk about it.
Let’s do more yoga. And not just today!

Go now! Gyaan dismissed! And no sarcastic comments targetted at me please!