Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Left Handers Day

Left Handers Day - 13th August

Are you a leftist? Er, sorry! are you a lefty? We mean, are you left-handed? Then this is going to intrigue you.

And if you’re right-handed and just curious about stuff, it’s going to intrigue you too!

When it comes to being empathetic towards users, everybody – designers, developers, UX experts – claims they know the users well. Then how does all their output end up biased towards right-handed people? Perhaps because all design and UX questionnaires consider everything from culture to psychographics. But not the hand!

The world is full of left-handers. Here’s a shout out to @thisisbillgates @zuck @oprah. Two are giants in digital tech. Gentlemen, where are the solutions for the left-handed? If they exist, why doesn’t the mainstream know about it 🤔💭?

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Share the ideas, resources you know of for the left-handed in the comments below.