Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Lighthouse Day

Lighthouse Day - 7th August

Lighthouses, a centuries’ old scenic establishment, have guided sailors struggling for directions to reach shore 🌴safely.

Businesses too sail through a lot of ups and downs carrying risks on their shoulders and need direction and help. Here come the business consultants, Influencers and Domain experts👨🏻‍💼who, like the lighthouses, advise businesses as per business needs & problems.

The Big4s are well-known business lighthouses.

Business Consultants work by rethinking 🤔💭 how an enterprise creates value today and how it will change in the future. They guide businesses by showing them the right path telling them the right things to do to thrive in today's exponentially disrupted business environment.

Go through:👇
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2. Business consulting vs Advertising agency
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