Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Mail Order Catalog Day

Mail Order Catalog Day - 18th August

Remember that old fashioned way of shopping 📰🛍 through those printed 'mail order catalogues' and ordering and paying for it through the post/mail/telephone?

Yes, options came in a catalogue. And that was quite cunning and convenient. Customers got the opportunity to choose among the products of only one brand!

Then technology got smarter. What if an entire shopping aisle with all the competing brands could fit into one screen? Enter Amazons of the world.

Because shopping changed, selling changed too!


Sounds scary, right? From those days of getting the customers’ undivided attention to our days of fighting to be on page 1 of search results!

But brands are nothing if not resilient. The catalogue surely comes. But it’s sent to email addresses. So the catalogue has evolved into its most sophisticated avatar till date.

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