Thedigitalfellow is celebrating More Herbs Less Salt Day

More Herbs Less Salt Day - 29th August

Salt is the cheapest thing that makes food, especially processed food, good to taste. Email marketing is easy, quick helping businesses offer content to their prospects & customers but do they do it right?


 53% of people say that they get too many emails from companies which causes them to mark them as spam. Read:


Moral?: don’t overdo it! Be helpful and provide value to your audience. Understand your buyers’ journey and provide timely and relevant information to help prospects through the decision making process. Adding value rather than dump your catalogues on them thinking it will make people buy from you instantly. Gain your prospects’ trust & build long term relationships with them. 


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This More Herbs Less Salt Day, let's take a step to re-align our own diet & the food for thought we offer to our users in the form of content.