Thedigitalfellow is celebrating National Camera Day

National Camera Day - 29th June

The camera, one of the greatest inventions of all times teaches one of the greatest lessons of modern times: "UPDATE OR PERISH."

Remember how Kodak failed 😞 when digital technology disrupted the analog camera 📷 market? Yes, Kodak tried to adapt to the change but it didn't invest in the upcoming technology wholeheartedly and invited its own death.

The advent of modern smartphones📱 has disrupted the digital camera market again. Digital Camera Sales have dropped by 📉 84% since 2010.

It's not only the companies that got hit by the shift to the digital technology. Ask photographers, especially those who made a living photographing tourists 📹.

 Buddha said, "Change is the only constant in life." The same is true of technology more than anything else. The change is so fast in coming that today's technology gets outdated every three months. Therefore, to survive you need to keep updating yourself like you update your phone.

Moreover, consumer behavior is also changing rapidly. Going digital has become today's mantra to get your customers' attention. Update yourself and grow your business gaining knowledge clicking the links below:👇🏻




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