Thedigitalfellow is celebrating National Skyscraper Day

National Skyscraper Day - 3rd September

Skyscrapers. Today, a building must be at least 40 storeys tall in order to be called a skyscraper but when there was no precedent, a building with 10 storeys was called a skyscraper. 


The digital skyline is full of structures - tall and small. Example: social media. Some go on to become huge. Others don’t. But they do keep cropping up. How do you know which platform/app will be next skyscraper worth investing in with your content, time, money & energy?


Neil Patel says that one metric is what the network is worth. It’s got to be valued at least $ 1 billion. And then there’s another parameter – user growth. Listen:


There are many social networks out there aspiring to become skyscrapers someday. By then, the bar would be much higher than what it is today. 


Keep evolving! Cheers!