Thedigitalfellow is celebrating National Superman Day

National Superman Day - 12th June

Today is the birthday 🎂 of one of the most iconic and admired superhero, THE SUPERMAN 🦸‍♂

Superman is a symbol of hope with a motto to stand for Truth & Justice in the world.

You all are Superman 😎. You just need to identify the good in you and make the world a better place to live in.

Moreover, super technologies 👨‍💻 have become one of our greatest allies today to fight corruption in ways we have never imagined before. Few of these technologies are:
1. Big Data 📊
2. Data Mining
3. Mobile Applications 📲
4. Forensic Tools 🔍

📌 To dive deep into how digital technologies offer Hope in the fight against corruption, check out the following article -

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